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0,55 kw phase, enclosure IP 55 dust and waterproof, 
EEXE extended security. Gas class 1. Teperature class 
T1 1400 r/m at 50 Hz.

Frequency converter: 

Fitted in electric cabinet. Gradual start. Motor protection. 
Variable speed control 500 - 1400 r/m.

Elektric cabinet: 

Enclosure class IP 65 dustproof and waterproof.

Power supply: 

220 Volt 10Amp, single phase. 50/60 Hz 
Ready to use with the touch of a button.


Johnson Pump F70 S2-1. Acid proof steel, impellerpump, 
nitril rubbery impeller for vegetable oils. Oil temperature 
-15 to +85 C.


Easy to dismantle. Only two wing nuts to be removed 
in order to ready housing for cleaning. Back-rise.


Johnson Pump Guard PV-1. Protects the pump at dry operations.


Protects the pump from stop up in filter.

Filter house: 

3 piece polycarbonate: clear 1N1-Mc 360 mms.


1 piece coarse filter of 50 micron 248 mm of stainless steel. 
1piece fine filter cotton 25 micron and 1 piece fine 
filter cotton 5 microne. Grade of Filtration can be 
ordered. Any of the filters can be engaged.


The oil must be settled before filtration. No filtration direct from 
the press
there is to much sediment, the filter would be stopped.
Example: Only pumping of rape seed oil +14 C no filtered at approx
1500 litres per hour. Filtration 40 micron at +12 C rape seed oil approx
850 litres  per hour. Filtration 40 micron - 25 micron at +14 C rape seed oil 300 
litres per hour. The capacity will increase with higer temperature 
of the oil.
Measurement about. Length: 700 mm. High: 500 mm. Width: 500 mm. Mounting Plate L 580 W 390 H 455 mm. Weight without electric cabinet: 57 Kg.
Electrical cabinet (L*W*H): 300*230*400 mm.Weight 14 kg.
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Terms of sales
Advantages Oilpress *Type 55 Bauer , Type70 and Type90
Rape-oil for  diesel-engine. ECO-Tuning of  diesel-engine, car and tractor.
Length: 700 mm. High: 500 mm. Width: 500 mm. Weight without electric cabinet: 57 Kg.
Electrical cabinet (L*W*H): 300*230*400 mm.Weight 14 kg.

We reserve the right to make changes to technical data and design without prior notifications.
Guarentee: 12 months exception the filter elements.
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Skeppsta Maskin AB
Bengt Jonsson
Täby Skeppsta
S-705 94 ÖREBRO
Tel: +46-19 22 80 05 Fax: +46-19 22 80 05
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