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Skeppsta Maskin AB

Bengt Jonsson
                                                                                              Telefon +46 (0)19 228005             Fax +46 (0)19 228005
Täby Skeppsta                                                                                            Org.-nr. 556457-0728
S-705 94  Örebro                                                                                       V.A.T.-nr SE556457072801
SVERIGE                                                                                                    BANKGIRO:
                                                                                               BANK  FÖRENINGS-SPARBANKEN AB
                                                                                                                     BANK   KONTO NR
                                                                                              SWIFT adress SWEDSESS, telex no: 128 26 SWEDBNK S

                                                               Terms of sale:
Delivery conditions:                                   Ex factory Örebro SWEDEN. Excluded V.A.T. and packing.
Delivery time:                                             Normally appr. 5-8 weeks after order.
Value added tax:                                        No for export.
Terms of payment:                                     Before delivery time to our bank.
BANK:                                                     FöreningsSparbanken AB 
                                                                 SWEDBANK   S-105 34 STOCKHOLM SWEDEN
                                                                  Acc. no.
                                                                 SWIFT adress SWEDSESS, telex : 128 26 SWEDBNK S

Other Conditions:                                       NL 92 + Stohne. Orgalime general conditions
Guarantee:                                                 Motor, Gear drive, Press 1 year. Frequency converter 1 year.
                                                                 Wears of press-spindle and press-tube No guarantee.
Validity price:
For futher information please contact the undersigned.
Finally we wish you welcome as owner of oilpress TÄBYPRESS.
Bengt Jonsson.