Manual: Concersion Rape-oil to diesel engine.



1     Start Handle on right II "Auto" Lamp is on. You start on diesel oil. From the dieseltank. Originally. or extra tank.

2    When water temp is över 50 dg C (Thermostat 50 Dg.C) The glow plug is on. automatic

3     When rape oil is about 65 Dg C the Dixell XR10 NC

     automatic turn on to rape oil by 6/2 valve.

 from the Rape-tank. Extra or originally tank

    The lamp on handle go out.

    Now you drive on rape oil.

    Thermostat 80 dg C on 
    Rape Therm handle the glow-plugs +70 to +90 Dg C 


4     When you shall stop the engine you turn the handle to 1 "Diesel". The glow plug get no
        current and the valve turn on to diesel fuel.  When the temp on display is about 50 dg C
        then you stop the engine. Now you have diesel fuel  in your injection pump for next start.

        Handpump is for useing when you mounting and testing the fuel pipe and so on. To get maual oil from the tank          when you mounting the conversion quipment.


It not always necessarily with Heat-Exchanger with water. It helps in the winter to warm up the rape-oil.  The Rape-Therm Skeppsta Maskin AB get the heat on rapeoil enough even in winter. Less price  and easy to mount without the Heat-Exchanger.


EXTRA     If you want to  have PLC  Crouzet control instead of Thermostat XT110C PTC 

You can change the temp  for alteration glow-plug etc direct on the PLC. You see in the display tex what heppend and so on. 
It is easy to mounting the equipment.
Totalt 8 inputs can uses:      + and -  volt 24 volt ,   3 sensors to temperature,   2 handle
Totalt 4 outputs can uses:     6/2 valve,  Glow-plugs, Electric-pump, Extra e--valve.


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